Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Thank you

The general feeling around?
The ceasefire will not last and we are due for even worse fighting and bombing….
Are we naturally pessimistic? No….we would not have survived our civil war if this was the case. No….I think it is in the nature of politics here now…this atmosphere…
All 'seems' well now.
People are beginning to live again…and try to get back to a normal routine….doing the things they used to do.
But it is an act because they feel they are living on borrowed time. There is electricity, water, fuel and food but for how long? And this is the problem…for how long? Everything is for how long….
And now…
Now what do we do if they decide they need to fight some more?
Which is what they are all itching for…believe me…
Everything is unstable…
No…no….life is not normal and it will not be for a long time.
This is really borrowed time.
But borrowed from who?
Live now because in a month's time it will all return. This is the talk around Beirut.
If I was a betting person I would place a bet on September…the end of September….that way…they would have all rested and thought about their next move…plus the sun would not be as strong….August is way too humid and hot. Good weather, after all, is conducive to good fighting right? Did I just make that up….yes….yes I did.
What? What did you say? Think about the Lebanese population? What? Are you stupid? What population? We will use them and abuse them and then tell them this is all for their own good…We will all fight our little proxy wars here…destroy people's hard work and make them emigrate…then to boot…we find ways to still argue with each other like school children.
Thank you…thank you all…all politicians of the world….for what you have done…and not done…..I thank you ….it is so kind of you…and of course…my thanks go out to all the politicians of my country…who are acting with such childishness and inanity…but of course… my real thanks go to our minister of the environment because he cares so much about his country and his environment that he decided to go on holiday for a few days in the middle of the biggest environmental disaster this country has ever had and he decided to stop people who want to clean up the beaches from actually cleaning up…. yes…yes… you see if we take the polluted oil off the beaches (which is what we should do) we would in fact be stealing the sand which is a crime that could get us in jail…yes yes…you might be wondering why…well I am sure on some level money plays a point and I am sure there is no way he can make money from a bunch of volunteers cleaning…
Do I sound sarcastic?...no…no way…what are you talking about?…no way…sarcasm? Me?…I am simply…simply….raging…because there is no longer anything else we can do….they are all still bombing us…but in different ways that is all…..


Blogger Jade said...

My heart goes out to you and I don't blame you for being furious. I think I would go absolutely mad with anger...

3:42 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

I don't think it's over either, in fact I dread turning the news on in the morning for fear of what I will see. All politicians are the same, Blair went on holiday just before the so called terror alert here in the UK a couple of weeks ago!!

1:31 AM  
Anonymous Kirsten Namskau said...

Dear. You are so right. The war will return and Israel will also go into Egypt and claim Sinai dessert. Suddenly the whole Middle East will be in fire. India and Pakistan and other countries with atom-bombs will start to use them and the world will turn into the third world war.
The politicians look at the population of the country as “Cockroaches” . . . when it is too many of them they make war to get rid of them. If it was a real war, they should have targets like: the government buildings, Military bases and embassies to paralyze their enemy. The war is only pure business. I know. . . . If you remember in the middle of 1980, Norway sent a woman to Israel for peace-talk. That woman was me. I was there three times. The third time I got so angry, so I left in the middle of the meeting by the words: “ If you don’t want peace, then don’t ask me to come and have peace-talk. I have other things to do. I do not play chess with human life as input.” The case is that they are searching for things to quarrel about. They don’t want peace. . . They want war.
I left politic when I discovered the truth and the crime behind the curtain. How they narcotize the women and after every so-called “peace-talk” have huge parties where they invite call-girls and have sex-orgies, drugs, alcohol and more. . . The politicians are criminal devils I do not want to be among.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Rula said...

Dearest Rena,
What you are saying is absolutely right, and it makes me seethe with anger as well. I was rememberng our talk when you came to visit, about why you wanted to stay in Lebanon. And I realized that I too am like the sea turtle who only knows to come back to the same shore to lay its eggs, or the salmon who returns to the same river. I know the shore is slick and oily, but there is no shore I treasure more. And patriotism is different from nationalism, I know. So yes, its a war that we have to wage, but I am more than ready. When Im armed Im coming back.
With all my love,
Rula S.

11:09 AM  
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