Thursday, July 27, 2006

This war is...

Do you really want to know what this whole war is?
-This war is about my friend who doesn't know where his brother is and he has not heard from him for over a week now. The last phonecall he had from his brother was just that he was leaving Tyre. And my friend has not told his parents yet.
-This war is about my friend whose young daughter woke up to the massive bombs dropped on the Fatima Mosque in Sidon and he had to give her a sleeping pill before she could stop shaking and stopped being as white as a sheet (after she showered because she had peed on herself).
-This war is about my sister's in-laws who are stuck in their house in Nabatiyeh and cannot make it out to safety.
-This war is about an overheard conversation between the American and Norwegian ambassadors where the American stated that it will be the electricity and Sidon that will 'get it' next.
-This war is about my friend who loves to skin dive and recently saw the pollution of the Lebanese sea from the oil and fuel bombardments and messaged me angrily stating that he cannot live in a country where he couldn't swim in the sea, and felt helpless.
-This war is about the look of the tearful woman who asked me where she could find medicine for her father because he had heart problems and they left so quickly they didn't manage to remember to take his pills with them.
-This war is about a person I know and the look on his face when he found out that his parent's building had completly collaped, in Dahiyeh, like a house of cards.
-This war is about my friend who saw the bombs falling next to his house and felt the shattering of all the glass in his house and the feeling he had that they 'just missed me this time'.
-This war is about the knowledge that this week will be the worst...all the foreigners have been evacuated...all the lebanese holding foreign passports have been all is left are us....people who the US believes are not in need of a 'ceasefire'.
-This war is about my young cousin who was happy because his parents told him that there might not be any school this September.
-This war is about all the people who have decided to finally emigrate because they see no hope and have finally had enough.
-This war is about the slow draining of hope and love.


Blogger unreasonableadults said...

Sending you hope and love, Rena. Reading your words every day, as a kind of way to hold strong from end to the possibility of peace, ceasefire, an end to this madness. And the intense anger that my country (Australia) is complicit in all of this and will not act in the name of something humane, logical (?) and non-violent. I say it again, like a mantra or song, I send you hope and love. As do all my friends here who just hold onto the idea that this has to stop. your creative comrade, Jason

12:41 AM  
Blogger la mirza said...

Reading blogs, watching BBC, sending and forwarding emails and blog adresses, reading e-papers, saving war pix i get in the news papers here in helsinki, calling my lebanese friends wherever they are...i live a state of war here, 4 to 8 hours a day. and then i just have to step out of my appartement and start getting drunk in a nice chilled out cafe under a beautifull breeze and a lovely sun.
the war is exotic here somehow.
A reminder of ww2 age.
grand parents stories , the russian invasion...
people are very curious about war but nobody really wants to know what war is.
i mean get real rena.
who would want to live this situation?
maybe on tv or in the papers.
as long as it's not happening on their ground, nobody cares.they can sympathise, feel compassion...they just can't realise what it really is.
your are helping people understand that civilians are the first loosers in any kind of war.
i think we should make humanity understand that war can't solve any issue. nor save 2 israeli soldiers.
we can't exterminate civilisations, cultures,hope...the worst thing is that all this massmedia things make people hope. everyday,since 15 days, when i watch the news, i have a feeling that tomorrow it's ending even though i know deep inside that this is never gonna end. not in 50 years. the best we can get now is a cease fire. How much depressed are we gonna be after that? i came here saying that's what's worst then war itself, is the feeling after the war.
when the bombs stop and you go out of the shelter, you are alive, but you look around you and you realise that you have grown 20 years, that 20 years has passed while you were praying for your soul, and now what?
reconstruct with humanitarian money


4:56 AM  
Blogger Manuel Semaan said...

I would love to be in Beirut with you, Mirza, Rana and other commentors of this blog. It hurts to be far away. I remember last day before leaving, we went to Rawda, had some Almazas, didnt talk much, enjoyed the sun. We wanted to feel together and we knew it was going to be another scary night after sunset.

2:16 AM  
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